Provide a single source of consulting services and practical support to entrepreneurs and investors who want to exploit business opportunities in and between South Africa and Nigeria and expand their markets, whether through, mergers, acquisitions, partnering or establishing companies in the host countries.

The introduction of products and services from Africa to the global market and the global market to Africa with economic growth and job creation in Africa as our focus.

Unlock reliable and sustainable opportunities in the regions of our business focus.


Assisting our clients from strategy to execution and onwards to deal with the specific challenges of the respective markets.



Promotion of investment in job-yielding  infrastructure development that will enhance  manufacturing, value -adding beneficiation resulting in  job creation stemming the tide of extraction that is currently depriving Africa from converting her wealth into most needed employment and domestic growth.









Isokan Consulting is an independent one stop consulting firm

The interest of our clients supported by ethical business practices is not negotiable and business is executed without compromise in adherence to sound corporate governance and within the legislative and regulatory framework of the jurisdictions we are operating in.


Based in Kempton Park, South Africa with a sister company RPA Africa Limited based in Lagos, Nigeria. Isokan Consulting is dedicated to all entrepreneurs who want to leverage on the huge growth potential of the Nigerian Market with priority focus on trade and business between Nigeria and South Africa.

Len Pretorius - Profession Profile Len is an accomplished and diversified Executive Level Professional and member of the Institute of Management Consultants of South Africa. Over the past decade he was leading the establishment of businesses in Southern, East and West Africa serving amongst others as Managing Director of a leading Information Technology company and State Micro Finance Bank in Nigeria. He offers diverse experience across a variety of challenging Operational, Senior Leadership/Management functions with a proven ability to streamline business outcomes with across- the-board proficiency within across most business clusters. A visionary with passion to bringing business and markets together. He regularly served as Chairman of a Board, Non-Executive Director and Executive Director, with comprehensive understanding of Africa, in particular Nigeria. Furthermore possesses a forward-thinking mind-set to build strategic partnerships and focus on Stakeholder’s Value and providing tangible management solutions to organizational challenges. His professional affiliations includes the following: A member of the Institute of Management Consultants of South Africa A Chartered Personnel Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practitioners. Past member of the American Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Past member of the American Society for Training and Development. A full member of the Institute of Administration and Commerce of South Africa. A member of the Society for Christian Higher Education. He is the recipient of a number of awards on behalf of companies he headed up as well as in his private capacity amongst others the Distinguished Nation Builder’s award in Nigeria during December 2011.
If any transaction is not in the interest of our client, even if it is at the expense of losing our fees from the transaction, we will advise against it. Trusted Services
Our services draw from the best of a network of highly experienced business associates that will ensure pragmatic solutions based on the in-depth and breadth of experience from our network. Commitment
Our dedication to our clients goes far beyond our signed agreements, we treasure ongoing relationships with our clients, deliver on our promises and going beyond the extra mile is inherent of our relationship with our clients.
We recognize the uniqueness of our clients and their specific strategies and approach to business. As an Isokan Consulting client, you can rely on us to work closely with you and your business to support you through the best and toughest of times. Innovation We make it our way of life to stay at the forefront of our practice by consistently researching and developing global and host country trends supported by business analytics. for each assignment we go beyond statistics to ensure the intuitive intelligence of all our business associates are included in our approach. Respect
We respect the diverse cultures, beliefs, lifestyle, opinions and viewpoints wherever we are delivering our services treating all stakeholders in the same way we want to treated.
OUR TEAM Isokan Consulting benefits from the experience of Len Pretorius the founder and Managing Partner and a network of experienced business associates who still are or have been involved in leading institutions in both regions. He is leading a team of business associates under the umbrella of Isokan Consulting, entering into collaboration agreements with more associates to cover the full spectrum of services, ensuring services are provided by experienced practitioners in the respective fields of interest.
Coordination by Isokan Consulting ensures a single point of contact and continuity relying on multiple resources.


SERVICES﷯ ISOKAN Consulting’s ambition is to become the partner of choice in promoting Pan - African business as well as bringing business from across the globe that will benefit the economies of the regions in a tangible way. We accomplish this by providing to our clients the following services tailored to their specific needs: Advisory services to ensure sustainable value and growth to investors and the host country.
Introduction to opportunities that will assist to address the infrastructure deficit, beneficiation of raw materials, stimulate the manufacturing sector and rapidly enhance sustainable economic growth and employment.
Strategic Partnerships that will ensure Africa will truly benefit from her natural wealth and human capital while investors from across the globe will derive optimal benefits from the huge market and growth potential of the regions committed to reducing risk and increasing investor confidence.
Human Development that will bring global best practice to combine it with the richness of the Afro-Centric Culture.
Promote Pan-African tourism and tourism from across the globe to discover the richness of African nature and culture.
Brokering of business transactions in most commodities, goods and services.
Practical assistance in setting up business from strategy to execution. Stave off the threat of the many perceived and real pitfalls associated with doing business in emerging markets.
Ensure ethical business practices and rigid compliance with legislative requirements of host countries. Introduction to reliable business networks, suppliers and stakeholders.
Providing advice for cost effective and efficient establishment of business presence without exploitation of any kind.
Analysis and optimization of all business processes and practices ensuring rapid market penetration, effectiveness and efficiency and a cohesive company culture.

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